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We are a young Italian company specializing in the design and manufacturing of professional equipment for car dismantlers.
Since 2006 our production is appreciated by professionals for the practical and innovative design approach. The current headquarters is in Poviglio, in the province of Reggio Emilia, with a team of 20 people between employees, associates and partners.
In september 2018 we have been the ISO 9001 Certification for Quality Management System.

1806 :

1806 Agency is a creative representation and production agency operating worldwide.
We define us snazzy and iconic
Our principal hashtags are: Photography, 3D-CGI/Post Production, Fashion, Animation Movie and Motion Graphic, Video Commercial, Art buying, Scouting, Experiential & Digital Immersive.
Our objective is to achieve the best results through innovation and concreteness. For this reason we are in continuous evolution and always ready for future projects.


SKILLICORN Technologies has developed a revolutionary sustainable model which recovers all energy and nutrients from municipal and industrial wastes and leverages them photosynthetically to produce high valued organic foods, advanced 100% natural materials and sustainable energy products — while allowing total recycling of the water inherent in those wastes, even phyto-desalinating those waters to render them fully potable.

SKILLICORN Technologies allows flowering of deserts that are underlain with brackish water resources — producing, in the process, up to 30 times as much protein, starch, minerals and vitamins per unit area as the world’s most fertile farms — while using only 5% as much water as today’s most efficient agrarian systems (soybeans and corn).


-Idromec spa was founded in 1969 by Luigi and Olivo Tabarelli as an extension of the Tabarelli spa firm’s business to handle design and construction of balers for scrap iron processing. In the early stages the production consisted in buried balers, which were built in-house in all their parts, machined, tested and shipped ready for final installation. In July 1975 the first shaped box baler was built and subsequently patented. This innovative system is still today acknowledged to be the best system of material compaction, combining a large volume of loaded scrap with a 2-moves simple and effective compression.


– Tabarelli spa was founded in the 30’s as a family business producing drying ovens for silk cocoons and cereals.

The company then applied its experience to the agricultural sector, producing irrigation systems, sewage tanks and, towards the mid 50’s, building the first self-propelled material handlers for agriculture.

At the beginning of the 60’s, when the market shown the need to move metal and scrap, Tabarelli produced its first road material handler with grab suitable for this purpose. The construction of the first machines took place in that era, using a lot of components from road vehicles, particularly as regards the transmission and related elements.


Italian manufacturers of metal and scrap metal recycling plants for ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

For over 20 years ZATO has manufactured recycling plants and equipment for processing scrap metal. Our complete range of customized metal shredding solutions meets any production requirement: from pre shredders to twin-shaft shredders, from demolition shears to scrap cleaning plants.


ROTATEK, which was founded in 1970, is a leading international manufacturer of printing web presses for labels, flexible packaging, folding cartons, security printing, commercial printing, and pharmaceutical inserts.

We are based in Barcelona (Europe), and design, manufacture, market and provide after-sale technical support for all our machinery.

From the outset, we have made a clear commitment to technological innovation in our products to provide solutions that are more efficient, more productive and of higher value to the printer.

ROTATEK manufactures a wide range of in-line printing and finishing machinery: Combined Semi-rotary/Rotary Offset Press, Rotary Offset Sleeve, Combined Rotary Offset Shaftless, Rotary Offset, Flexo Machines and Digital Finishing Machines.

The modular design of the ROTATEK machines offers the printer a large degree of product customisation, combining multiple in-line printing and finishing units. All kinds of materials can be printed and finished in a single pass.



We provide Solar Energy in “Everyday” Applications

Photovoltaic panels for customized
off-grid and on-grid solutions, ultralight, very thin, flexible, high performance, designed and manufactured in Italy.

Since its foundation ten years ago, Enecom has placed constant research on materials, technologies, production processes, applications at the center of its life, collaborating with Italian and foreign companies, universities and research centers.

Enecom, with technologically advanced solutions, tries to meet the increasing demand for photovoltaic panels with a minimal and hi-tech design, able to combine aesthetic cleanliness with technical needs for energy autonomy derived from renewable sources.