Saimex Trading Pvt Ltd was incorporated in  Pune, India principally to assist the Foreign companies to navigate within the Indian system successfully on B to B format.  First agency agreement was drawn with M/s Rotatek of Spain the manufacturers of web-based security printing machines. Five such machines were successfully supplied to five Indian Railways to print the millions of tickets required by Indian Railways.

Saimex interacted through a series of consultants and gained the most valuable experience with the workings of Indian Govt agencies. The company graduated to sign the AMC agreement with the five Indian Railways. A very efficient network of engineering contractors at five different locations in India have thus been created between Kolkatta, Chennai, Secunderabad, Mumbai and Delhi. All the logistics are coordinated by the dedicated staff at Pune base ensuring that all the damaged parts required to reach the destination on time.


Saimex Trading is well versed in providing its services for any AMC agreement on pan India basis.

Several new Eco-friendly businesses have been added to the portfolio as listed below where Saimex is engaged in promoting, marketing and sales of the products in India and ensure that after-sales services are available for seamless working thus providing comprehensive service to the Indian customers.


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